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Anna Solecka

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Anna possesses a diverse range of creative interests and a strong sense of personal aesthetic and identity. Their approach to art as a lifestyle, encompassing various mediums and techniques, reflects a contemporary, multidisciplinary artistic practice.

Their commitment to experimenting with different forms of expression, whether through sound, writing, performance, photography, or film, suggests a deep curiosity and openness to exploration. Their curated playlists, photo tattoos, and aspirations for their own artistic space indicate a desire to not only create but also to shape environments and experiences for others.

The juxtaposition of themes such as destruction and discomfort with cuteness and pink, infused with symbolism, suggests a deliberate and thought-provoking approach to artistic themes. This blend of contrasting elements can create tension and depth in their work, inviting viewers to engage with layers of meaning.

Carrying multiple cameras and notebooks, as well as recording samples during everyday walks, demonstrates their dedication to capturing inspiration and moments of creativity wherever they go. This preparedness allows them to seize opportunities for spontaneous expression and documentation, contributing to the fluidity of their artistic process.

Identifying as an "insta artist" and a "#sadgirl" hints at their engagement with digital culture and contemporary modes of self-expression. Embracing these labels can be a way to connect with like-minded communities and explore themes of identity and emotion in their work.

Overall, their artistic practice appears is deeply personal and introspective, yet also outward-facing and participatory. By integrating various mediums, techniques, and thematic concerns, they create a rich tapestry of expression that invites viewers to immerse themselves in their unique artistic universe.


The performance formed part of a three-day workshop led by the artist Stelarc. One of the workshop exercises entailed a one-minute performance. In this context, Anna's piece delved into the complex themes surrounding the infantilization and sexualization of the female body. Her exploration involved researching the underlying motivations behind male perceptions and desires towards a childish, lolita-like aesthetic, and navigating the boundaries between mere attraction, fetishism, and pedophilia.

During the performance, Anna adorned themselves in pink underwear adorned with pony motifs and applied colorful stickers to their body. This choice of attire and decoration was significant, as stickers are commonly associated with childlike activities. However, the juxtaposition of these childish elements with the individual's black, crude, and abstract tattoos served to create a striking contrast. The tattoos, akin to permanent stickers on an adult body, added layers of complexity to the performance, hinting at deeper narratives surrounding identity, self-expression, and societal expectations.

Through their performance, she effectively engaged with provocative themes, inviting contemplation and discussion around issues of gender, sexuality, and societal norms. By incorporating elements of innocence and maturity, she prompted the audience to question prevailing notions of beauty, desire, and power dynamics within contemporary culture.


The following media showcase her live performance from our event “Moment of Clarity,” the experimental performance is untitled, in which Anna broke the wine glass and attempted to put it back together with tape. Afterwards, she enjoyed a broken glass of wine, while our attendees watched the show with awe. Some felt it was too uncomfortable to continue watching, while others stayed for the unfolding end.’ 


The performance doesn't have a prepared description, since it was complete improvisation, focused on movement, yet gave up to dizziness of cigarette cloud. It is about breaking and destroying and the attempt to fix it afterward, not only in physical but also metaphorical way.

Part of project/untitled performance

Anna's recent live video performance on the sex cams site Show Up showcased a provocative exploration of religious iconography and eroticism. During the performance, she held an image of Jesus Christ and engaged in playful interactions with it, carefully avoiding explicit content. This performance served as a crucial element of Anna's ongoing project, aimed at unraveling the multifaceted aspects of Christianity and investigating the boundaries between belief and obsession.

In this performance, Anna laid half-naked alongside the image of Jesus while viewers, primarily men, paid her money. This bold juxtaposition of sacred imagery with eroticism was intended to challenge societal norms and spark reflection on the complex relationship between religion and sexual desire.

Anna plans to continue this series, incorporating it into a broader video project. By expanding upon this theme, she seeks to delve deeper into the nuances of religious symbolism and the commodification of spirituality within contemporary culture. Through her thought-provoking work, Anna aims to initiate conversations about the intersection of faith, desire, and personal boundaries.

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