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Found this gem while at my Ioanina trip, which made the fact I went there super sick totally worth it “Growing up I came to discover all shorts of music genres thanks to my family. Our household music-wise was a blend of many genres , but the most dominant influence was the 70s psychedelic rock and 80s pop rock and punk rock scene. Since being in touch with music was emphasized, it was only natural that I would get to play an instrument. In my case I played the guitar for some years.

I always aspired to produce music, as a means of expression. It was years after, in my adult life, that I was intrigued by the electronic/IDM scene. I think it was then, that I was first inspired to produce and compose music on my own. As I kept exploring, I fell in love with the medium of digital synthesis and its endless possibilities. The abstract nature of the medium combined with the depersonalized aspect of the genre was always charming to me.

Currently, I see producing as a means of artistic experimentation which I want to share with people. I aspire to create a personalised sound of artistic signif”



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