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Elias who came to me one day like a Swedish Angel from heave, “I come from a musical household where I was introduced to everything from the works of Bach to obscure reggae dub EPs. I’ve played different instruments but piano is what seemed to come natural to me. However it was only a few years ago when I started working at one of the most iconic alternative nightclubs in Stockholm that I realized how profoundly moving the music on a dance floor could be. Ever since my fascination and love for electronic music has grown. Now I live in Athens and I play music that will make people want to dance and have fun. Whether that is UKG, speed garage, house, electronica, jungle etc. as along as people move, I’m happy. I also produce music which has been a natural step for me since I’ve written, recorded and performed indie rock and punk music for many years prior. I love working with breakbeats and 2 step rhythms as well as lush synths to create tracks that feel rich and personal whilst still being fit for the dance floor."



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