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Hard techno/ Hard rave




Jinzo fell in love with techno at the age of 18 when he first moved to Athens. After attending several underground raves, his passion for raving brought him to Berlin, where he adored the entirety of the rave scene and made his first steps into DJing.

Being a hip-hop producer at first, a musician from a young age, and an intern sound engineer, he quickly became proficient with both DJing and producing techno. His main focus is Hard Techno and Hard Rave.
He quickly started playing his first gigs in several underground events in Athens and Berlin, which he visited numerous times to be part of the rave scene he adored so much.

Even though Jinzo is supposedly a newcomer in the DJ world when it comes to gigs, one thing he acquires is experience when it comes to understanding both music fundamentally and how to move a crowd with his Hard Techno bangers!

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